About Us

Don't just dream it, Develop it.

Our Story

Initially, Timssys was a website hosting a freelance project. During that period, we became aware of the challenges that developers, entrepreneurs, and project managers had while attempting to host and develop their online presence.

Timssys was created by developers for developers, to help with these challenges by releasing online products that are made to make it simple for anyone to get started on the web. As we are aware of the challenges faced by our consumers, we provide a variety of packages that may be customized to fit any budget.

Our Mission

Provide developers with the finest services that can aid in the web establishment of their ideas.

Our Vision

Assist more and more people in growing and establishing their ideas online.

High Quality Services

Experienced Support

Competitive Pricing



Clear Strategy


We share important values with our team so that we all aim towards the same vision.


We build loyal customer relations

We value our customers equally and provide them all the best services possible for their projects and ideas.

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Our constantly developing infrastructure

Timssys holds several servers in different locations all around the world, in order to provide our customers with the lowest ping services and high uptime. Our infrastructure is constantly scaling up,with the goal of covering more locations on every continent.


Our unique server locations.

EU - Luxembourg

EU - Frankfurt, Germany

Top in-class performance

We utilize AMD® Ryzen® 9 5900X and Intel® Xeon® Gold processors and fast NVMe SSDs to deliver the best possible performance.

Low downtime

To ensure the least amount of downtime, we utilize reliable, high-uptime service providers and expert administrative staff.

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Physical and virtual security and effective DDoS attack mitigation.


We invest in top performance

With our advancing infrastructure, we strive to deliver top services to our customers.